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Applying for a Grant

Please note that all personal and medical information you provide will be treated in strict confidence.

The first thing you need to do is download an application form, to provide personal details and describe your disability.  

(You can download and print the form below)


Written application should be made by you the disabled person, or by someone acting on your behalf with your permission.  

Applications should be based on genuine need, and should not be for items or services available from NHS, Social Services, or your own resources.

Evidence of disability should be supported by impartial references from independent people such as carers, doctors, consultants or social workers who are familiar with your disability.

We carry out independent checks on the authenticity of applications, but we do not conduct means tests.

We do not fund on-going care or items of a repetitive nature. Different applications are sometimes considered within the same year.


We do not make direct payments to you, to applicants or to carers.  

It is our policy to pay suppliers directly, against formal invoices supplied prior to delivery of items or services.  You should obtained quotes to accompany your application.  

It is your responsibility to choose items that are best suited to your needs. They become your property and we do not maintain or insure them.


Typically, grants range from £200 to £5,000 for items such as:

*   electric scooters;

*   hoists for loading cars;

*   orthopaedic chairs and beds;

*   disabled access; wet rooms; 

*   laptop computers and tablets; specialised software + peripherals;

*   sailing, adventure + outdoor holidays designed for disabled people;

*   respite care.

Applications may sometimes be considered from other charities or specialised bodies, acting for the benefit of groups of disabled people.

Grant Application Form

Click to download

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